Drone Connection and first flight

UgCS desktop is a fully functional ground control software for drones for mission planning and flight control, which runs on a PC. UgCS provides all the tools required to plan safe aerial surveys, control drones directly, monitor telemetry, view and record online videos, and do post-flight analysis.
More information on UgCS desktop capabilities can be found at https://www.sphengineering.com/flight-planning

UgCS Companion is a mobile companion application for DJI RC Plus and DJI RC Pro Enterprise remote controllers to establish a connection between DJI drones and the UgCS desktops.

Ensure you use the latest version of UgCS on your computer and UgCS Companion on your remote controller.

NOTE: NEVER update software in the field!!!

When launching UgCS Companion for the first time, the Android device must be connected to the internet, to pass DJI verification. This is an automatic DJI process and does not need any input from the user.