Operation list of UgCS Desktop and UgCS Companion

Nr.StepApplication in which the Step is performedNotes
1Created routeUgCS DesktopTo create, plan, and calculate missions and routes, use the UgCS Desktop client.
2Upload routeUgCS DesktopTo upload the route to the drone using UgCS Desktop:

• Select drone (start route automatic calculation)

• Press “Upload” button
Pay attention to the remote control mode:
M350 - RC mode "N"

Users should set new home points with caution. A home location is valid if it is within 30m of:

• initial take-off location

• aircraft’s current location

• remote controller’s current location as shown by RC GPS

• mobile device’s current location

NOTE: The Route will not be uploaded if the drone has completed the mission. In this case, send the “Hold” or “Manual mode” command.
3Auto-Launch routeUgCS DesktopAfter the drone has finished the route, the “Auto Mode” command will enable and the route can be repeated.
4Manual modeUgCS DesktopSets vehicle in manual mode, for example, to control vehicle with RC. This command interrupts the mission and erases it from drone memory. A new route can be uploaded.
5HoldUgCS DesktopPuts the mission on hold.
6ContinueUgCS DesktopContinued mission from the point where the mission was put on hold.
7Track missionUgCS Desktop• Use the UgCS desktop to track the vehicle’s telemetry data.

• Use the UgCS Desktop to change control mode or failsafe command performance (return to home).