Failsafe actions

Failsafe actions, like "Home location" and "On RC signal loss" can be configured in the route parameters menu.

Note, a point "Home location" is valid if it is within 30m of:

• Initial take-off location,

• Aircraft's current location,

• Remote controller's current location as shown by RC GPS.

NOTE: New home location will be ignored if the drone is on the ground and disarmed. Home location will be automatically assigned to the current position upon takeoff.

During a failsafe event, the drone will use the emergency return altitude.

If the drone's altitude is below the emergency return altitude, it will adjust its nose towards the home point, ascend to the specified emergency altitude, and then return home.

If the drone is above the Emergency return altitude, it will fly towards the home point while maintaining its current altitude.

Maneuver the aircraft, to avoid any obstacles, when returning home.

A complete list of failsafe actions can be found and configured in DJI Pilot 2. The default settings are as follows:

Signal lossReturn to HomeThis happens when there are less than 6 satellites visible for more than 20 seconds
Low batteryReturn to HomeThe aircraft will return when the remaining battery is only enough for RTH